Best Baseball Pitching Machines of 2019

Best Baseball Pitching Machines

If you want to improve your baseball skills and game, the simplest yet best thing that you can do is to utilize one of the best baseball pitching machines. The good thing about this machine is that it can help you to practice hitting without having a team, partner, and even a coach.

For players are committed to improving their hitting skills, a baseball pitching machine is an excellent choice. Nevertheless, when it comes to the best pitching machines there are lots of options where you can choose from. Thus, choosing the right one that suits your needs as well as your budget can be confusing.

Either way, let’s now that a look the best baseball pitching machines and choose the right one that will suit you the most.

Reviews of the Best Baseball Pitching Machines for the money

1. Louisville Slugger UPM Flame Pitching Machine

One of the best pitching machines that are currently available on the market. The Louisville Slugger is capable of doing a wide range of highly precise pitches.

However, unlike other machines, this one is manually operated and more portable weighing less than 25lbs.

Even so, this machine has gained an extensive name for being convenient for both outfields catching and pitching practice.

The Louisville Slugger, on the other hand, is proficient of pitching standard size of baseballs. In fact, coaches will surely love this equipment since they don’t have to spend long hours on pitching.

Moreover, this baseball pitching machine can be utilized to throw groundballs and fly balls that can be very convenient especially for coaches during catching drills.

Even though it is not automatic, the Louisville Sluggish is very precise and consistent when utilized in battle as well as fielding drills.   

What We Liked

    • Great value for your money
    • Durable
    • Portable
    • Convenient
    • No electricity needed
  • Can be utilized for fly balls

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2. First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine

This baseball machine from First Pitch is a perfect option for coaching a youth baseball team or courtyard battling cage.

On the other hand, the baseline of this pitching machines features reversible legs and a swivel base. In addition, it can throw up to seventy-mph.

Similar to other First Pitch models, it is also very versatile and has high-quality built. Even so, it comes with groundballs, softball pitches, baseball pitches, and pop files.

Another good thing about this baseball pitching machine is that it’s backed with five years warranty. 

What We Liked

    • Highly durable
    • Highly versatile
  • High-quality

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3. JUGS Lite-Flite Machine

This pitching machine from JUGS has earned lots of good customer feedback and reviews and lots of individuals say that it is a very effective baseball pitching machine too. 

The JUGS Lite-Flite was made for improving swings. And based on its features this machine is constructed for the task.

However, this machine doesn’t only throw JUGS Bulldog baseballs, but it also throws other types of baseballs. Furthermore, you can utilize for throwing various types of softballs.   

In addition to being versatile, this piece of equipment has a comprehensive movement range. Even so, adjusting the settings that are intended for fastballs, sliders, and curveballs is very easy as well.

Even though the Lite-Flite comes with lots of functions, it is not difficult to understand, and its 360 swivel is really nice. This pitching machine can be accustomed for right or left-handed pitch throws, actually, it is one of the most important features of JUGS Lite-Flite.

Nevertheless, if you are new to baseball, this pitching machine will aid you to learn how to swing properly and effectively.

This is not what you would call a huge league pitching machine but it is ideal for baseballs as well as softballs.

What We Liked

    • Very easy to setup
    • Durable
    • Versatile
    • Portable
  • Safe to use

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4. Heater Sports Baseball Pitching Machine w/ 12 Ball Autofeeder

This baseball pitching machine from Heater Sports has a solid name. Nonetheless, this machine looks like an innovative laser beam, thanks to its design that really stand out.

The Heater Sports Pitching Machine comes with a variety of pitching options as well as tools that make it ideal for baseball as well as softball practice periods.

However, it comes with an automatic twelve ball feeder that which sets it apart from other baseball pitching machines. Actually, this feature is very easy to use. All you have to do is place 12 balls in the feeder and then the machine will start pitching the balls.

This equipment, on the other hand, can pitch lightweight training balls and regulation leather balls. Moreover, the Heater Sports has a selection for pitching practice balls or leather balls are speeds alternating from 10mph to 50mph. With that said, this baseball pitching machine is best suited for players ages 5 to 16.

Even so, this item comes with 10-speed dial options, letting you establish the speed that suits your preferences and needs.

In terms of height, you can adjust or tweak it. You can also use it in pitching both fly balls and grounders. Thus you can utilize this equipment for guard practice too.

Either way, it runs on an electric supply directly consuming 110 volts current supply. Otherwise, you can utilize a generator that has a power output of 350 to 400 watts so that you’ll be able to run the machine.

What We Liked

    • Comes with a wide variety of pitching options and tools
    • Can be run on a generator
    • Comes with an automatic feeder
    • It looks like an innovative laser beam
  • Durable

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5. Jugs MVP Baseball Pitching Machine

Another great baseball pitching machine from JUGS that is specifically designed for pitching machine leagues.

Either way, the JUGS MVP has easy and quick speed adjustments between 20 mph to 52 mph.  This 56 pounds pitching machine sports a simple design which allows you to set up and move this machine with ease.

With JUGS MVP there will be no distress of being hit and no more walks. As a matter of fact, this piece of equipment could pitch for both teams.   

On the other hand, this pitching machine is ideal for youngster ages 6 to 12. By simply using this machine young baseball players will be able to improve their swings since pitches arrive virtually and in the same location which makes hitting easier and more fun.

If you’re a coach, you’ll be able to offer your players a chance to concentrate on base and fielding running and hitting by eliminating strong pitching using this machine.

Most importantly, games played with JUGS MVP are fast-paced, fun, safe, and easy.

What We Liked

    • Easy to move
    • Portable
    • It throws fly balls and pop-ups
    • Designed for pitching machine leagues
    • Great for children ages 6 to 12
  • It comes with a digital speed readout

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6. BSN Bulldog Baseball Pitching Machine

Get ready to improve your baseball play with this versatile pitching machine BSN Sports. The Bulldog baseball pitching machines feature both softball and baseball pitching at speeds ranging from 30mph to 60mph.

With the speed of 30mph to 60mph, this pitching machine can throw baseballs as well as 11 and 12 inches softballs.

On the other, it runs on a 1/4hp generator or on 110 volts AC power depending on where you want to establish your practice. In addition to that, it comes equipped with urethane wheels which eliminate air pressure problems.

It also has durable legs which are convertible for either softball or baseball.

What We Liked

    • High-quality baseball pitching machine.
    • Great machine for honing your hitting skills.
  • Great value for your money.

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7. Junior Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine by Sports Attack

If you are looking for a fast speed as well as reliable pitching machine then this item from Sports Attack is something worth getting.

This machine can be utilized by professional batters and high school baseball players. On the other hand, it can also be utilized for youth leagues and backyard practices.

Even so, it sports a compact design making it a lot easier to travel and store in your car compartments. Another good thing about this baseball pitching machine is that can be used with regulation balls as well as machine balls.

Moreover, it will throw left and right-handed curves, split fingers, sliders, knuckles, and even fastballs more than 70mph.

What We Liked

    • Portable
    • It sports a compact design.
    • Backed with five years limited warranty
    • Reliable
  • Fast Speed

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What Are The Advantages of Choosing Best Baseball Pitching Machine?

Things to Consider Before Purchasing A Baseball Pitching Machine

  • Improve Swing

Using a baseball pitching machine consistently will definitely improve your swing. Actually, this advantage should arise as no surprise. 

  • Improve Timing

One of the best ways that you can do to improve your timing is by utilizing a pitching machine. Some machines come with a special feature which gives you a signal when the ball is almost to be out.

  • Simple to Utilize

Most baseball machines are created with ease in mind. Meaning to say, this machine is very simple to utilize.

By simple adjusting some things like the height, the whole thing from the pitcher’s side will be taken care of. As a result, you will be able to focus on your practice.

  • Improve Catching

Baseball pitching machines today are pretty innovative pieces of gear. As you can see, some machines are specifically created to aid you with your fungo work.

Also, they can be utilized to test as well as enhance the catching skills of younger players.

  • The Machine Will Do the Work

This advantage alone couldn’t just save you effort and a big amount of time, but may possibly protect you from unwanted injuries as well.

Furthermore, the best baseball pitching machine is far more consistent and accurate compared to parents and coaches.

There you have it some of the benefits that you may possibly get if you choose the best pitching machine.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing A Baseball Pitching Machine


When buying a pitching machine, considering its speed is very important. However, some baseball pitching machines come with higher speed as compared to other models.

By simply considering the people who will use the machine you’ll be able to figure out the best speed.

On the other hand, some units feature an adjustability setting and these machines are considered versatile since they can throw baseballs at various speed.

Style Of Pitches

Some machines only utilize one style to throw balls while the other models come with a wide range of styles.

However, it’s always essential to invest in a machine that is capable of pitching balls using various styles.

Types of Balls Used

Since you want to improve your baseball game, then you should opt for a pitching machine that supports any type of baseballs. Better yet, look for a piece of equipment that utilizes baseballs and softballs.


Baseball pitching machines come in different price tags. Depending on the purpose of the machine and what you can easily afford, you’ll surely find a high-quality baseball pitching machine that is within your budget.

Keep in mind that you should always follow your budget.

Height Adjustability

Baseball players know that pitching can be performed at various heights. Some baseball pitching machines need to be adjusted manually, while other models can be automatically adjusted to change the height.

Nevertheless, you do not have to keep on adjusting your machine’s height, because, in today’s day and age, automated stuff is much simpler to deal with.


Choosing the best baseball pitching machine that suits your or your players’ needs doesn’t have to be difficult. With proper knowledge and research, rest assured you will end up with the right model the works best for you and your team.

Nevertheless, we hope this article helps you a lot in choosing the right machine that can aid you in improving your skills in terms of playing baseball. 

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