Best 8 Person Tents

best 8 person tents

A family of eight who are planning for an outdoor camping treat will obviously need a larger tent. We all know how important tents are during a holiday camp to dwell in. This post will provide a list of the best 8-person tents on the market. Check it all out!

Here are five camping tents for eight you could look for:

Top 5 Camping Tents for 8 people

#1 Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent

#1 Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent Coleman is one of the leading brands on the topic of extra-large tents. Red Canyon Car Camping Tent offers simple setup, water-resistant construction, and a budget-friendly price. There are color-coded poles that result in easier tent arrangement around 10 to 20-minutes. From its seams to its floor design, they’re all weather-resistant through the WeatherTec System. All of those specs are present on an affordable camping tent.

Three separate rooms can be achieved by using the provided dividers to have more privacy. Still, eight persons can dwell inside the tent with enough space.


  • Instant setup
  • Solid construction


  • Rainfly prevents proper ventilation


#2 Wenzel Klondike Tent

#2 Wenzel Klondike Tent Wenzel Klondike Tent is a highly-capacitated tent but still, put up with lightweight construction. It can stand through all conditions because of the shock-corded fiberglass roof frame that can be easily set up within 20-minutes. Great hi-low ventilation is enhanced by the full mesh roof with detachable rainfly and two mesh windows. The best thing is it allows full view of the sky. Its superior craftsmanship includes weather armor fabric, seams, and zippers to protect the interior.

It contains a spacious interior with mesh walls to separate it into two rooms. Sewn wall-pockets offer enough space for important items.


  • Easy to setup
  • Expansive interior
  • Easy to access storage pockets


  • Not appropriate for backpacking


#3 Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

#3 Browning Camping Big Horn Tent This is another solid choice tent for car camping in accommodating up to eight persons. The look is great with its free-standing design against all-weather through the fiberglass poles and steel uprights. One or two persons can finally setup this 3-season tent that can go for warm and rainy weather but not for winter. It has lots of windows and a mesh roof for better ventilation. The sealed seams and polyester coating makes the tent weather-resistant and keeps the interior dry and comfortable.

There’ll be pockets around the tent for storing your important stuff. Also, dividing the room into two by separating the sleeping area is possible by its stable straight sidewalls.


  • Great water-resistant feature
  • Sturdily built for a bigger family
  • Enhanced ventilation


  • Immovable room divider
  • Poor zipper design


#4 Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe Tent

#4 Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe Tent A long-lasting tent purchase is good for families who are into camping every now and then. Flex-Bow Deluxe Tent might be costly but can provide your family with a lifetime camping experience. The tent is built with cotton duck hydro-shield canvas technology for weatherproofing and yet breathable. Its ceiling height is good for walk-around comfort even inside the tent. Tent’s entry is two-large D-shaped rear and front doors. Aside from its four large windows, there are two funnel-flow vents for improved airflow.

Two components are delivered, one is the sturdy poles and the second canvas with a total weight of 80-pounds. That’s considered lightweight yet the specs above are enough proofs to put your trust on this product.


  • Superb weatherproof feature
  • Excellent quality


  • More expensive
  • Lacks customer service


#5 NTK Laredo GT Premium Line Large Tents

#5 NTK Laredo GT Premium Line Large Tents Maximized tent space is very much appreciated by a family who loves going to the campsite. While most 8-person tent uses up eight rods to keep it stable, NTK Laredo GT only consumes four rods. It, therefore, makes the overall assembly quicker and maximizes the interior space. The tent provides space even for your gears. Nano-flex technology is used to keep the tent stable outdoor. Its floor is made water-resistant and anti-fungal materials. The tent is surrounded with mesh vents too with removable rainfly for rain protection.

There’s a zippered e-port so that you can power up devices with convenience and protection. Roomy pockets exist for more secured storage.


  • Quicker to setup
  • Allows electric plugins


  • Only one window is built



Below are the five frequently asked questions collected by the team for you to depend on.

  • What to consider in buying an 8-person tent?

First to consider is the space provided which is more than enough for eight persons and for gears. Make sure the tent is sturdy in all conditions whether dry or wet days. Setting up the tent must not take most of your time. It might be either a quick-set or the pop-up setup. Other parts such as rainfly, mesh storages, and mesh doors and windows are a plus for a good buy tent.

  • Of what materials tents are made of?

Only three materials are best for tents. Polyester material retains the shape of the tent after being immersed with water. Nylon material results to lighter tent yet durable and water-resistant. Another is the cotton/canvas material for more serious campers because of its water-repellent surfaces and sturdy construction.

  • How comfortable the 8-person tent is?

The eight-person capacity is a full-packed capacity without any gears. A total of eight persons will have a shoulder-to-shoulder position to give space for the gears. It wouldn’t be as comfortable as you expect.

  • How durable are the tent poles?

Most tents use fiberglass poles over the decades. It depends upon the tent’s size and so 8-person tent requires bigger poles for a sturdier foundation.

  • How much are 8-person tents?

More capacitated tents might cost higher than the smaller tents. You can spend more than a hundred bucks in one purchase depending on the brand and model.

If I were you, I would choose…

We pick Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent as the best 8-person tent listed. Coleman is a well-known brand which is a plus to its budget-friendly price. Its solid construction and instant setup feature caught our attention. The tent can also be divided into three rooms which are so good for privacy.

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