Best 46 Inch TVs of 2019

If most of us had our way in doing things, we’d have home-cinema-wide screens in our houses to sit back and relax as we watch them. But sadly, the reality is often far from fantasy.

Many of us cannot afford the space nor the price to have an ultra-gigantic screen to mount on the wall. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t enjoy vibrant colors, immersive sounds, and cinematic experiences otherwise.

We’re here to tell you that you can have an astonishingly stunning experience with nothing more than 46 inches of screen width.

Top 4 Best 46 Inch TVs

1. Sony BRAVIA KDL46EX720 46-Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV

First up on our list is the Sony BRAVIA KDL46EX720 46-Inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV. This bad boy has so much to offer in its small case. It delivers an amazing 3D-experience thanks to the full HD, sharp, and vivid pictures produced by Sony’s unique X-Reality Engine.

The TV also features Motion Flow XR 240 for a unique experience when watching action-filled movies and shows. Add all that to the 120Hz refresh rate, and you’re bound to get a smooth and flawless watching experience.

To make things even better, whenever you get fed up with cable TV, you can switch to the World Wide Web as Sony’s BRAVIA KDL46EX720 allows access via Wi-Fi to multiple apps from the likes of YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix besides the ability to surf the net through a built-in browser. The Skype video call compatibility feature is just the cherry on top.

The input ports are versatile enough to allow the connection of both old and new devices. From composite and component ports to a number of HDMI and USB ports, this 46-inch TV is ready for anything you may throw at it.

Relatively lower price? Sure, but you can take advantage of that spare cash to treat yourself to some movies and games and experience them in the way they should be experienced, on a screen of this caliber.


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  • Classy design
  • 3D experience
  • Affordable price
  • Many connectivity options
  • Clear, sharp, and vivid pictures
  • Several settings to adjust the TV for your preferences

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The browser isn’t that great
  • The sound, although good, isn’t up to the pictures’ quality



2. Sharp AQUOS LC46LE700UN 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV

Of course, at least one entry on the list has to be from Shark. And although Shark is known for being one of the top dogs on the TV market, that doesn’t mean that they don’t produce quality screens at reasonable prices. One example is the Sharp AQUOS LC46LE700UN.

Although it’s not a smart TV nor an internet one, the Sharp AQUOS LC46LE700UN delivers excellent value as it comes with Sharp’s best LCD display technologies, including the infamous Full Array LED backlight and the Ultra Brilliant LED system that ensure longevity, lightweight, and low power consumption. And the XGen LCD Panel tech that delivers deep dark and clear bright colors.

As for the speed, this TV can deliver a 4ms response time, classifying it among the fastest in this category.

Now, as great as this would be as a TV on its own, you may be having other ideas in mind, like using it as an oversized PC monitor because, why not? Yes, this screen comes with a PC input port alongside the four HDMI slots.

So if you’ve ever wondered how it would feel like to take the power of a gaming rig and hook it up a relatively big 46-inch monitor, now’s the time to answer that question. Besides that, you also get USB Photo Viewer, AQUOS Net, and RS-232C Input.

Of course, you can place this TV however you want, in an entertainment center or hung up on the wall. At the end of the day your eyes will be pleased and your wallet too.


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  • Affordable price
  • Excellent pictures and rich colors
  • Full Array LED and Ultra Brilliant LED System

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The built-in speakers aren’t that great




3. Sony KDL-46HX729 46″ LED HX729 Internet TV

Yeah, this is the second Sony TV that we have to recommend, no surprise there. But this one is particularly aimed at movie buffs. And for a 46-inch screen TV, a movie buff won’t find anything to top it.

First of all, the TV set packs an ambient sensor and two digital video processors for adjusting the quality of the image according to the ambient light. So, whether you’re into classics or the hottest blockbusters, this TV will deliver on the quality no matter what.

This is another affordable TV, so know that you’re getting all the apps and the internet goodies, including Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Besides that, we’ve got the crisp image quality and the vibrant colors thanks to the Dynamic Edge LED backlight, which is complemented by the smoothness of the Motion flow XR 480 technology.

What we dig about this TV is that it can double as a gaming monitor. Just connect your console, and you’ll get an unbeatable experience when it comes to 3D gaming. A TV that fits movies and gaming enthusiasts and that comes at an affordable price. What else could you ask for?


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  • Affordable price
  • Great for movies, games, and internet browsing
  • Motion flow XR 480 technology for crisp pictures

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The sound is not the best on the market




4. Sony BRAVIA KDL46EX640 46-Inch 1080p LED Internet TV

Another great model from Sony. The KDL46EX640 46-INCH 1080p Internet TV comes with support for Dolby Digital, Digital Noise Reduction, and not two, not three, but four HDMI ports. Talk about connectivity, huh?

Besides that and the slick and slim design, this TV set stands out because of the Motionflow XR 240 Technology and the Clear Resolution Enhancer, both of which guarantee a crisp image no matter what you’re using the TV for.

Needless to say, this is a Wi-Fi-ready, Internet TV, so you’ll get access to all the online fun such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu.


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  • Affordable price
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Fantastic display with vivid pictures
  • Internet-ready, and loaded with online apps such as Netflix

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The remote can be annoying





For 46-inch TVs, all of the TVs listed here are winner picks. Whichever you decide to go with, you’ll be very pleased and satisfied with what each has to offer. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much you’re willing to pay and what you want exactly out of your screen. So, make your choice and have no worries.

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