Best 4-Person Tents

best 4 person tents reviewed

Every camping enthusiast desire a high-quality tent. This is perhaps the most critical part of your camping equipment, which can make or break your whole adventure.

Top 7 Best 4-Person Tents Reviewed.

1. Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent

Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent This high-quality ten made from reputable company Coleman is spacious enough to fit four adults comfortably. Measuring 9’ x 7’ with 4’11” center height, you and your family or friends can move around comfortably and freely without disturbing one another.

Its dome design makes it easier to set up than other shapes, while the ground vent and large windows offer a good amount of ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable during the warm months. Besides, it features the WeatherTec system that uses patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry during and unexpected rainfall.

The tent also has some add-on features that add convenience and provide a better camping experience. For one, its rainfly awning offers shade from the sun as well as rain protection. On the other hand, storage pockets make it easy for you to organize your trinkets and personal item and within reach. The tent also features insta-clip pole attachments that fight against the wind to keep your tent standing.

When camping is over, you’ll love the fact that this tent comes with its carrying bag for easy transportation.


  • Multiple color options
  • Good air circulation
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Easy setup
  • Includes a carrying bag
  • Completely waterproof


  • The ventilation system makes it too cold for winter and fall camping.
  • Skinny, generic stakes


2. CORE 4-Person Instant Dome Tent

CORE 4-Person Instant Dome Tent This dome tent from CORE provides a quick set up in just 30 seconds, which is not only convenient and easy to do with one person. The dome-shaped tent has a peak height of 54 inches, sleeps four people, and can accommodate a queen-size air mattress.

This sturdy tent features CORE H2O block technology, which helps in keeping out moisture and rain. On the other hand, the bottom has an adjustable ground vent for increased airflow to keep you comfortable during warm nights. It comes fully prepared to use with strong stakes and a carrying bag for easy transportation.

The included rainfly ensures that you stay dry and comfortable inside by keeping water and rain off the tent. You can find storage in the form of several pockets placed on the tent floor, while the built-in gear loft serves as a lantern hook. If you need to recharge your devices, the tent also features an electrical cord access port, which you can close when not in use.


  • Adjustable mesh ceiling and air vents
  • Quick assembly
  • Taped rainfly and sealed seam for waterproofing
  • Durable construction and material
  • Gear loft to keep items off the ground
  • Features an electrical accord access port


  • Included poles are a bit stiff.
  • Not lightweight


3. Eureka! Copper Canyon 4-Person Tent

Eureka! Copper Canyon 4-Person Tent Enjoy the great outdoors with your family or friends without giving up the comfort of your home! The Copper Canyon Tent from Eureka is a cabin-style tent that is suitable for three seasons. Featuring near-vertical walls create a spacious and roomy interior ideal for airbeds and camping cots.

Featuring a durable steel/fiberglass frame, you can outlast wind storms and rain without any problem. It also includes hubs, pole sleeves, and a pin/ring assembly for easy and quick setup. Stay cool and comfortable with mesh windows that also protects you from nighttime bugs. On the other hand, the bathtub floor wraps up the side of the tent to protect it against standing or splashing water.

The tent also includes two high-stash storage pockets as well as a gear loft to keep all essentials and personal items within your reach. Need to recharge? Eureka’s zippered E Power Port lets you bring an outdoor-grade electrical power cord inside the tent to charge your phone and other electronics.


  • Reliable bathtub floor
  • High-stash storage pockets and gear loft
  • Well-ventilated
  • Roomy interior
  • Features zippered E Power Port
  • Durable frame and material


  • Rainfly design could be improved.


4. Coleman Instant Setup 4-Person Cabin Tent

Coleman Instant Setup 4-Person Cabin Tent Tent setting up is easier and quicker than ever to set up camp in just 60 seconds. Thanks to the pre-attached pole, setting it up is as simple as unfolding, extending, and securing.

The tent is designed with the WeatherTec System, which features tub-like floors with the patented welded corner and covered seams to keep the water out, so you stay dry and comfortable during rainy nights. Meanwhile, an integrated vented rainfly offers additional protection from the rain and improves airflow without extra assembly.

Constructed from rugged and sturdy Polyguard double-thick fabric, this tent stands up to the harsh environment of the great outdoors, so you can reliably use it season after seasons. It also features the Dark Room Technology, which blocks 90 percent of sunlight coming into the tent, allowing you to catch some zzz’s while the sun is still up and reduces temperature up to 10 percent to keep you cool and comfortable.

The integrated storage pockets keep you organized and all small items within your reach. When it is time to go home, this tent packs away in the included handy expendable carry bag, which allows you to tear away the rip strip for easy packing.


  • Polyguard double-thick fabric
  • Includes an expandable carry bag
  • Integrated storage pockets
  • Dark Room Technology that blocks the sun and reduces the temperature inside
  • WeatherTec system to keep you dry and comfortable inside
  • Integrated rainfly for added protection


  • Limited windows
  • Heavy


5. ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent Measuring 7’6” x 8’6” with a peak height of 53 inches, the ALPS Mountaineering Taurus is a two-pole, free-standing tent made from polyester tent fly and fiberglass poles. Because it only uses two poles, this 4-person tent is very easy to set up.

It includes a rainfly that is highly resistant to water and UV damage, allowing you to use it for the long-term without any cost. The tent is also fully equipped with two entryways for convenient access, a mesh roof for ventilation, and a zippered window on each door for privacy.

This tent also features additional storage with the gear loft and several pockets inside to keep your things organized and within reach. Meanwhile, the poly taffeta floor ensures that you can lay down without having a muddy or wet feeling. Weighing only 10 pounds and 11 ounces, this is a reliable family tent for use in backyards and campgrounds.


  • Features 2 vestibules for gear storage
  • Durable and reliable design
  • Free-standing pole system for quick and easy setup
  • Dual doors for entry convenience
  • High ventilation


  • Not weatherproof for four seasons
  • Fiberglass poles are weak.


6. Night Cat 4-Person Camping Tent

Night Cat 4-Person Camping Tent The Night Cat 4-Person Camping Tent is an automatic set up and takes down a tent that can quickly be done by a single person or even a child. It features an advanced hydraulic pressure mechanism that makes it easy to set up in just a minute. You only need to lift it to fully open or take it down when it is time to pack up.

Very spacious and comfy, this tent fits a king-size or queen-size air mattress or 2 sleeping bags with ease and accommodate two adults and kids, making it an ideal tent for family camping. It includes a rain fly for added protection and can be removed and used as a shelter or pavilion for picnics or fishing.

The tent features rainproof fabric and waterproof tape on every seam to make sure that you and your family or friends are dry under sudden rainfall. Meanwhile, sturdy ropes and pegs make it stable and stand firmly during hard winds.

Also, the tent features a door on each side for easy access to the tent and provides good air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable during the hot season. Mesh windows, on the other hand, keeps the inside well-ventilated while keeping the bugs out. Double-sided zippers make it easier for you to open or close from the inside and outside, while the hook on the roof can be used to hang your tent lantern.


  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Removable rainfly
  • Rainproof fabric and wind-proof ropes and pegs
  • Double-door access
  • Well-ventilated


  • Not that waterproof


7. AmazonBasics 4-Person Tent

AmazonBasics 4-Person Tent This 4-person tent from AmazonBasics features a dome structure style and is fully equipped for three seasons. The tent is made from 100 percent polyester, making it highly durable and resistant to outdoor weather. It is also fully coated and equipped with a welded polyethylene floor with inverted seams to keep you dry and comfortable during the rainy season.

Meanwhile, the included rainfly is removable, and it extends past the edges of the tent for added rain protection and shade from the sun. It also has a cool-air port which allows fresh air to circulate inside the tent, so you stay cool and comfortable.

Measuring 9’ x 7’ with a peak height of 59 inches, this tent comes nicely stored in a storage bag for easy transportation.


  • Durable, 3-season design
  • Simple to set up with easy-to-understand instructions
  • Included storage bag for easy transportation
  • Waterproof materials including reliable floors
  • Removable rainfly
  • Cool-air port for good air circulation
  • Spacious interior


  • Not strong enough to hold up against heavy rains and strong winds
  • Ventilation netting allows some bugs and insects to get in


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I get a 4-Person tent?

A: If you’re tired of camping alone and want to share the experience with others, then you need to consider a 4-person tent. A 4-person tent is a good accommodation for you, your partner and two small kids, or a couple of people with pets and gears, or for three adults.

Strictly speaking, it should fit four adults inside for sleeping purposes. You can also use it on your own, especially if you want more space all by yourself.

Q: How long does it take to assemble?

A: A 4-person tent should not require four people to set it up. Thus, manufacturers try to make tent setup as straightforward as possible, with some you can set up in just 15 minutes or less if you are not doing all the work on your own.

Q: How should I clean my tent?

A: If your tent has become dirty, you can always clean away most grime and dirt with a standard garden hose. However, if dirt is severe, you will need some hand washing using mild soap and warm water.

After that, you need to dry your tent by hanging it from a clothesline. Never attempt to dry clean it or put it in a washing machine or dryer since it can permanently damage the tent.

Q: How to maintain my tent?

A: If you want to keep your tent in good shape, avoid packing it away while it’s dirty or still wet. And even though the tent is waterproof, it can become compromised if exposed to too much moisture.

For long-term usage, keep your tent stored in a cool and dry environment and out of direct sunlight.

Q: How can I repair tears in my tent?

A: Depending on the tear's severity, you can be able to do some minor repairs. You can use a waterproof, self-adhesive patch. You can also use a seam sealant for small home repairs. For a quick and temporary fix, you can always use duct tape for minor tears.

I mean, who wants something that takes forever to set up only to provide you a place where you can’t sleep comfortably with all the bugs buzzing around and leaky floors? You might be outdoors, but that does not mean that you can’t be comfortable.

And if you wish to take the whole family or some friends to enjoy a bit of Mother Nature, then you will need to look for a tent which is not only comfortable but can also accommodate everybody.

Tents come in various sizes and shapes so that every camper can find what suits them perfectly. However, a 4-person tent is probably your best bet. There’s a reason why it is so popular.

For one, it has a solid amount of space inside but remains relatively lightweight and quite easy to pack and transport. It is perfect for families, a small group outing, or couples who want some extra space to sleep and move around freely.

Regardless of the case, the market offers several 4-person tents in various specs and build design, making it quite difficult for you to choose only one. So, what makes a good tent?

Important Factors To Consider


For tents, the choice of fabric varies from one product to another. They are usually made of polyester, nylon, or canvas. Canvas can be a good choice since they offer strong protection but tend to be heavy. On the other hand, polyester and nylon are the most common choice since they are quite light and have an excellent waterproof rating. Nylon is just resistant to tears, while polyester usually comes with added UV protection.

In terms of poles, you get to choose from 2 options— aluminum or fiberglass. Fiberglass is much cheaper and more common. It can withstand mild winds. However, if you want total peace of mind, aluminum is your best bet. It tends to be light but extremely durable at an increased cost.


Well, this is pretty obvious, since we are talking about a 4-person tent. Not all manufacturers have the same idea of how large the people you fit inside, so the ground space will not always be the same.

Measurements are usually made for averagely-sized people (under 6 feet tall), so four of them can fit inside without much room left.

If you or your companions are taller than average or need to store some gear inside, then a 4-person tent should be enough if there are only 2 or 3 of you.

The bottom line, you need to look for each product’s dimensions and see if it suits you and your group. And if you plan to use an airbed or a cot inside, then do not forget to take that into account too.


Depending on your preferences as a camper, tents offer several choices in terms of weather conditions that you will be using them in. Most people love camping when the weather is warm and nice. At the same time, some want to experience the outdoors on 2-feet snow, raging winds, and even rainfalls.

Tents designed for nice weather come with lighter materials, several mesh panels, and fewer poles, which allows good air circulation and keeps you cool and comfy inside. They can protect you from unexpected light rainfalls too. However, they won’t be able to withstand heavy ones. This category’s tents are usually the budget-friendly option and perfect for those who enjoy camping once in a blue moon.

Next, we have 3-season tents. They offer greater durability, reliability and good for extended seasons ranging from early springs and late fall. They are completely waterproof with stronger frames and thicker materials. They also feature a full-length rainfly, which can be removed if not needed.

Lastly, we have the 4-season or all-season tents. They are the toughest and able to withstand lots of snow and strong winds. All-season tents are popular among mountaineers, and you probably do not need one of these if you are just a regular camper. Because of the materials and design, an all-season tent can cost substantially more than traditional tents.


The weight of the tent depends on the materials used and its poles. Some are designed to be compact and light, making them a good choice for backpacking. They are easy to move around. However, it would be best if you were cautious when buying since most lack the strength to withstand even a mild wind.

However, if you are going car camping or RV camping, then the weight is not an issue.

Comfort and Convenience

This is probably an essential thing for every camper. Of course, you do not want to feel cramped inside and suffocate.

Thus, it is always essential that you look at the floor size and tent height. Most of the time, height is usually overlooked. However, if you want to stand up freely and move around comfortably, the height should always be considered.

Besides, you will have to look for some design features that offer convenience and increase comfort. These include better air circulation and storage spaces within your reach.


A 4-person tent should not take 4 people to set it up. This is especially important if you are backpacking and setting it up and taking it down for the duration of your camping trip.

Consider looking for tents that have color-coded markings that can help in speeding up the assembly process. Also, note that instant tens are available that allow you to set up the tents in just a few minutes or seconds.


When camping, you need proper shelter and a comfortable place to get good quality rest and replenish your energy for exciting activities that await.

Thus, buying the best 4-person tent from the list above is a smart investment. You get a nice, roomy size for the whole family and a small group of friends, and provides great versatility. It will surely be a reliable companion to your camping trips and a solid addition to your camping essentials.

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