Anti-Bark Device: Averts Excessive Barking

Anti-Bark Device: Averts Excessive Barking

Here is an article that talks about the best anti-bark device that’ll mute a woofing four-legged buddy.

We often encounter a barking dog in every street. Well, that’s their ordinary behavior and who are we to sojourn them. Sometimes it needs to be stopped though. From time to time we admit that even our own pet annoys us due to excessive barking. With the anti-bark device, you stopped the dog from woofing as well as it grows up with trained manners.

There are numbers of anti-barking devices available in the market, choosing the right product is nerve-wracking. Below are 10 professionally-tested devices that vary in structure and in how it works.

10 Best Anti Bark Devices

1. Petacc Handheld Ultrasonic Bark Control

The first device is a handheld bark control that permits human intervention. It is controlled manually to train the dog by pressing the device to distract the pet from barking. An unpleasant sound comes out of the device to put off barking. About 17ft. of control range from indoor and outdoor is reached thus highly recommended for multiple dogs’ owner.

The tool looks like an automatic car key with one pressing button. Ultrasonic frequency amounting to 25KHZ is safe for dogs and it only annoys them to prevent excessive barking. An attached anti-static wrist strap is very helpful when training a dog in a field that makes it handier all the time. To start up the device, a 9V battery is needed.


1. Handy

2. Wide control range

3. Suitable for training dogs


1. May not work on life-threatening dogs

2. DogRook Dog Bark Collar

Dogs usually bark at night especially when they hear a strange sound. The owner has a good night sleep cannot go down on the stairs just to stop the pet from barking. However, a solution has been made. DogRook created a dog bark collar that is attached to your pet all along thus even without human intervention, stopping the pet from barking is amenable.

The dog collar is safe for the pet and doesn’t produce electrical shocks only to stop the woofing. Its brace doesn’t cause physical discomfort on the pet and is fully secured. The collar stops the barking through its 7 adjustable sensitivity modes as according to your dog’s sensitiveness. To stop the dog from barking, the device produces beep sound followed by a vibration. Rest assured the device causes no harm for your pet.


1. Fit for bigger dogs

2. Water-resistant collar


1. Nothing to mention

3. Doggie Don’t Handheld Bark Deterrent and Training Aid

Doggie Don’t owner also experience the frustrations in having a dog who has the habit of unwarranted barking. She wanted to help her pet and therefore created a handheld bark deterrent that widely helps dog owners up to date. It is a training device not only to monitor barking but also to discipline a dog’s bad behavior.

Having this device permits human command intervention. It works by pressing the button that produces a crackling sound and then says a command to distract your pet from woofing. The sound produced is loud and clear enough to disturb the dog. It comes with 2 batteries providing about 500 clicks to train a pet. A wrist strap is included for handier training setups. 


1. No shock produced

2. Personal command applied 

3. Extended battery life


1. Pricier than any other brands

4. Lybrist 3 in 1 Anti Barking Device

Let’s go with the most affordable anti-barking device on the list. It is a 3-in-1 functioning device comprising an anti-bark device, training device, and a torch.

Whenever the dog barks non-stop, by pressing the device’s button an ultrasonic sound is produced to stop the barking. The great thing is it automatically picks up a sound then automatically produces a bark-stopping sound.

Add verbal commands as you press the button to familiarize the dog in stopping his bad behavior. It is a great training ground to use this device with a reward afterward to show that pal has done a great job.

Lastly is to use it as a torch. There’s a LED indicator useful for night campout with a pet. It is easier to catch the attention of the pet through this feature.


1. Low-cost device

2. Well-built designed


1. A battery is not included

5. Zelers Upgraded Rechargeable Mini Outdoor Bark Control Device 

The device is predominantly generated for outdoor use. It is because of distant sound range of about 50ft. which is desirable for guard dogs outdoor. Other than that, the device is durable and weatherproof to sustain outdoor disturbances. However, the bark control device is also suitable to place indoor by only adjusting the sound level into 1.

The device is rechargeable. Charging it within one hour could render one-month monitoring on your dogs. Even many counts of dog breeds can be trained to minimize barking attitude. It can be hanged on a tree or on a wall to keep dogs at home and even dogs around the fence from howling. It is safe for dogs and a great tool to stop a dog’s bad behavior even without human intervention.


1. Wider sound sensitivity than other products

2. Waterproof device


1. Super sensitive to sounds

6. The Company of Animals Pet Corrector Dog Training Aid

It is a different way to quiet out a barking dog. Instead of scaring your dog with crackling sound, why not use Pet Corrector Spray that is chemical-free and pet-friendly. This works by spraying it close to your dog however it doesn’t produce any gaseous odor or irritating factor. It is completely a hissing sound distraction upon the dog to stop barking. The training aid is available in 50ml. and 200ml. rendering 50 and 150 sprays, respectively.

However, this tool takes time to be effective in calming a pup. Consulting a dog trainer before using it is recommended to make certain in stopping a dog from barking. This might not work on bigger breeds of dogs thus prompt usage of the tool is the remedy to make it work.


1. Safe for animals

2. Easy to use


1. Requires extra patience

2. Not good for aggressive dogs

7. PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control Deterrent

Who would’ve thought a simple birdhouse could stop a dog from barking? PetSafe has formed a birdhouse anti-bark device that works effectively. It is perfect to place outdoors that even strangers might think you are petting a feathered friend. Dogs can freely run outdoors and yet its barking attitude is monitored. The device is easy to set up by only hanging it on a tree.

The device can reach up to 50ft. of sensitivity that even neighborhood dogs are silenced. Sensitivity setting is adjustable into three modes depending on dog upbringing. It produces high-frequency ultrasonic sound to disturb the bark from barking. There’s a LED battery indicator to keep notified it still works.


1. Weatherproof

2. Human-friendly ultrasonic sound


1. Batteries not included

2. Mid-price device

8. Hoont Electronic Handheld Bark Stopper Device

Dogs sometimes have disobedient behavior when it comes to human commands and this device is the cure. The device fits inside the pocket thus can be brought anywhere and training the dog anytime is well-performed. It has two modes of sound including ultrasonic and audible, either of the two works effectively. The device’s sound sensitivity is 50ft. away in stopping a dog from woofing.

A LED acts as a flashlight and battery indicator which helps to know whether it can still be effective and when to replace the battery. Overall, it can be used not only as a remedy for bad barking attitude but also for other bad behaviors such as too much cuddling on visitors.


1. Well-structured device

2. Far sound sensitivity

3. Portable


1. Doesn’t work on other breeds

9. First Alert Handheld Bark Control Device

As First Alert continues to develop training solutions for our pets, they finally come out with a handheld bark control device. The way the device looks you’ll know it is handy and convenient indoor and outdoor. With the help of the included adjustable wrist strap, you can train your dog to discontinue inappropriate barking. The company assured its effectiveness by letting their products be tested by professional trainers.

The device works through pressing the button that it produces high-pitched sound to distract the barking dog. It is certain that the sound being produced will not hurt human’s earlobes thus adequate to calm a howling pup. Compared to other products, it only reaches dogs from 15ft. away which is still enough for indoor and backyard training.


1. Elongated handle

2. Most reviewed anti-bark device


1. Sometimes it fails to calm a barking dog

10. instecho Anti Barking Device

Having a bunch of clingy dogs is overwhelming but how about when they all together starts to bark, are you still overwhelm or frustrated? Dogs do grow bigger as time passed by and when that happens, it may be hard to practice training in preventing excessive barking. Thus, another classier looking birdhouse anti-bark device is enlisted. Obviously, it’s an outdoor device effective in detecting barking dogs from afar about 50ft. A hanging rope is within the purchase and hence hanging it on a tree is permitted.

The device is impermeable by any kind of weather and durable enough to be placed outside. It renders 4 ultrasonic sound ranges from test mode to the highest range of 50ft. to control barking. Sensitivity varies depending on the range. When the device reaches its end, LED light flashes as an indicator.


1. Can be placed anywhere outdoors

2. Stylish designed


1. Battery not included

2. Cost higher than other products


As a dog lover sometimes excessive barking may still annoy you. There are days when you have no clue why your most lovable dog continue to woof. It’s not only the household being disturbed but mostly the whole vicinity. Perhaps your neighborhood hates you without you knowing because of a howling dog.

Before anything else, let’s find out why dogs bark.

Well, barking is a natural attitude of a dog. Sometimes it exceeds the limitation because of hungriness, strange surroundings, or maybe because of a nearby predator. They also bark to get your attention as they’re known to be a snuggling pet. These reasons may not be easily monitored especially at night. Below are the types of anti-bark devices that would definitely end this chaos.

Types of anti-bark device

  • Anti-barking collar

Older models of anti-barking collar results controversy because it has a built-in electric shock. The modernistic model reduces the shock level by only a vibration and beep sound to stop a barking dog.  This type results in an immediate response upon the pet to rest from barking.

  • Anti-barking sound emitters

As dogs have high frequency, a sound emitter is a more advanced device to catch their attention. The produced sound is only audible for dogs and not for humans.  It comes with different forms such as handheld or hanging device.

  • Citronella spray

Dogs hate citronella. It is a mixture of water and citronella which have no chemically added ingredients. It is usually attached on a collar that whenever the dog barks, it automatically showers.

Factors to consider

We care for our dogs, right?

In this way, we block their natural behavior of barking and yet we must not harm them. Correcting dogs’ behavior is not easy to do and hence demands too much patience considering pets’ safety. Therefore, choosing the best anti-bark device takes a bit of expert advice to end up with the right product. Here are factors need to be considered before buying an anti-bark device:

  • Price

This kind of device is reasonably priced and therefore can be afforded by every pet owners. It is a must device thereafter.

  • Ultrasonic sound and sensitivity range

Even when dogs have high frequency, a wide range of ultrasonic sound is important. Especially if the device isn’t permanent outdoors that it is placed indoors at times, lowering the range is more favorable. Some dogs have hearing defect thus increasing sounds is a must. In terms of sensitivity, a device with high sensitiveness works alone even without monitoring.

  • Battery life

Anti-bark devices are either a remote control or battery-filled. A battery-running device can last up to 6-months depending on usage routines.

  • LED indicator

This indicates whether the battery is getting low. It is important to keep you notified when to change batteries.

  • Animal-friendly

Make sure the device will not cause distress on your pet. Products are assured safe when it is tested by professional dog trainers. 

  • Structure

You can have a handheld device or a more stylish device. The handheld type is recommended for pet owners who know some commands for dogs. The bulkier devices are good as an additional display at home without knowing it is an anti-bark device. Both are effective to silence a dog.

Do anti-bark devices surely work?

This kind of device is only part of the training, therefore, some models still require human intervention to make it work. Its effectiveness completely depends upon the dog. Some dogs adapt fast while some will ignore it and continue to bark. According to the source, approximately 85% of an anti-bark device will be 100% in effect.

When do anti-bark devices be used?

It is created primarily for continuing barking. Dogs are innate to bark to strange things however you’ll going to notice when it becomes a habit. This device isn’t like a remote control that whenever there’s barking, it is pressed. It is applied during the training session to correct a dog’s behavior. Not 24-hours but when it is needed.

Which anti-bark device is picked as Editor’s best choice?

We pick DogRook Dog Bark Collar as the best anti-bark device on the list. It is the only shock collar being count on and hence performs well. This is the most abrupt device to stop a dog from barking as it is directly attached upon a dog’s neck. Instead of producing electric shock upon a pet, a beep sound and vibration alert the dog to stop barking.

Further, the shock collar doesn’t demand human intervention which is favorable for busy dog owners. It is a cost-effective device too.


Your barking pup is now under control!

Lots of dog training are practiced however it costs high. Thanks to anti-bark devices for training a dog not to bark continually can be done by you. Products aforementioned are all effective if practice more often and if the dog actually reacts. We have to say that the products may not work immediately as dogs need to adapt to the training process. Many anti-bark devices are present in the market and you can pick which is right for your best chum.

Further, you can be friends to your neighbor for a second time as your dog become quieter. There’s really a cure for everything, including for a noisy dog. If there are things aren’t clear, write it down on the comment section and we’ll WOOF a reply soon.

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