AKASO V50 Pro Leave No Trace Special Edition Action Camera Review 

The AKASO V50 Pro Special Edition Action Camera is a high-end camera from the AKASO manufacturers; it was built as an upgrade to the regular V50 Pro camera. It comes in black color and a pack along with an accessory kit. To know if this product is worth purchasing, let’s have a look at the top features of this camera.


  • Comes with various accessories
  • Lightweight
  • High image and video quality
  • Waterproof
  • Supports external microphone
  • Slow-motion recording
  • Underwater capturing
  • Touch screen
  • Remote control
  • Wireless operation


  • Only compatible with AKASO External Microphone
  • The slow-motion feature is sometimes inaccessible
  • Does not perform very well in a low light environment

Image/Video Quality

Everyone wants a camera that can capture high quality images and record high quality videos; this is an essential feature to look at if you want to purchase the AKASO V50. With this camera, you can capture images at 20 Mega Pixels and record 4K videos at 60 frames per second.

The camera can deliver clear quality while recording swift actions due to an in-built Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), and it can also be set at 1080p120FPS or 720p240FPS. As you record, you can adjust the camera angle at either super wide, ample, medium, or narrow, whichever meets your preference. It also boasts lens distortion correction (LDC) if curved or fish-eye type clips are not desired.

Touch Screen User Interface

This has to do with ease of use, and the AKASO manufacturers are aware that customers would like to purchase a camera that is very easy to use, which is why they integrated a responsive touch screen user interface. The screen of this camera is about 2 inches in height, which is impressive, and it features an IPS display for easy control. You would have no troubleshooting with this camera as all you need to do to touch the screen.

External Microphone Support

This AKASO V50 Pro special edition action camera has support for an external camera to help capture more sounds. You can use it along with the AKASO External Microphone; it is only compatible with it, so you cannot use any other external microphone. This can come in handy when shooting as the external microphone picks the sounds in detail and ensures that no critical sound is missed. The AKASO external microphone is to be purchased as a separate product.

Slow Motion Recording

At one point or the other, you would love to do some slow-motion recording with your camera; the AKASO V50 special edition action camera has got you covered in that aspect. You will be able to capture slow-motion videos with the 720P240FPS video up to 8 times (8x). However, sometimes the slow-motion feature might be inaccessible; some customers have complained about this.

Underwater Capture

You can take some underwater images and record some underwater videos with the AKASO V50 special edition action camera; this is one of the top features customers love about the device. It comes with a durable waterproof case for protection, and you can go as deep as 130ft. The camera also features a diving mode that acts like a red filter when underwater; there would be no need to get one separately.

Wireless Control/Operation

We talked about how the touch screen user interface makes this camera easy to use. Now we have the wireless control options that further enhance that. You can control the camera using a remote, WIFI, or HDMI; it has both in-built. The remote can be worn on the wrist (just like a watch), and it is easy to use.

For the WIFI, you would need to download the iSmart Pro+ mobile application on your smartphone; you can easily pair the app with the camera after installation. With the application, you can instantly share your pictures on several social media platforms. The HDMI allows you to display your photographs and images on your TV and other HDMI supported screens.


The camera comes with three 1100mAh batteries, and they are included when you purchase it. The batteries perform well, and the camera also comes with a battery charger for it.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About the AKASO V50 Camera

Q. Can the camera be used to stream live on social media?

A. No, it cannot. It can, however, be used as a webcam when plugged to a PC via USD

Q: Do you need an SD Card to use this camera?

A: Yes you do, preferably one that is 4K rated

Q: Is there a motion detection feature?

A: No, the AKASO V50 Pro particular action camera has no motion detection feature

Q: Does the touch screen work underwater?

A: No, it does not because the screen is covered with the waterproof case

Q: Does the camera come with a warranty?

A: Yes, it does. The AKASO V50 Pro special edition action camera comes with one year warranty

Q: Where can the external microphone be purchased?

A: You can get it on Amazon, search for AKASO V50 Pro external microphone

To Wrap Up…

The AKASO V50 Pro special action camera is an incredible device, it captures perfect images and videos, and it has features and accessories that make it very easy to use. It would be a good buying choice for anyone who wants to purchase a quality camera.

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