Best 6 Person Camping Tents

best 6 person tent

When the busy city life starts to suffocate and drain the life out of you, there is nothing more relaxing than taking a break and experience what Mother Nature has to offer. Plus, it would be the perfect time to bring your family or long-time friends and catch up on your lost times together. 

And when it is time to hit the campground, trail or park with a large group, you will need a tent that is spacious enough to keep everyone happy.

Sure, you can get the largest tent you see on stores and get on with it. But, if you want a peaceful and relaxing camping experience, you will have to get the best 6-person camping tents that are made for the wild!

Top 8 Best 6 Person Camping Tents

1. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent

1. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent The Coleman has been a famous and reliable brand for camping gears for many years now. And this 6-person tent offering is just the tent you need when going out for camping on a summer weekend.

It features a screen room that allows you to enjoy a bug-free lounging with extra ventilation in a separate screened-in room, offering you a comfortable sleeping area on warmer nights. For secure entrance and exit, the tent also features hinged doors, and you can stash small necessities within your reach thanks to mesh pockets that are conveniently sewn into the side of the tent walls.

In terms of weatherproofing, the tent features protected inverted seams that boost weather resistance by hiding the needle holes inside. Meanwhile, the wind-strong frames can reliably stand firm even on the windiest days. The tent also features a weather-resistant zipper cuff that adds protection as well as waterproof floors to ensure that you have a dry and comfortable place to sleep even on a sudden rain.


  • Spacious footprint
  • Separate screen room
  • Welded bathtub floors
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Nice airflow
  • Easy assembly


  • Heavy
  • Flimsy stakes


2. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6-Person Tent

2. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 6-Person Tent The Camp Creek Tent from reputable company ALPS Mountaineering will provide you a luxury away from home the next time you and your family or friend decided to breathe some fresh air.

The tent features an extra tall center height of 7 feet that provides plenty of room for you to stand. Ventilation is never a problem with this tent, thanks to its zippered mesh doors, mesh room, and windows for the best circulation and control.

It includes a weatherproof fly that adds huge awnings over the back window and front doorway to keep you dry and comfortable. The tent is also super easy to set up, thanks to its unique hub design and pole clips which quickly snaps over the fiberglass tent poles.


  • Waterproof oxford fabric bathtub floor
  • Overhanging rain fly for better protection against rain
  • Standing room inside
  • Good ventilation
  • Easy to assemble


  • Limited space for gear storage
  • Stakes are flimsy


3. Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

3. Coleman Instant Cabin Tent Another reliable tent from Coleman, this one is created with convenience and ease of assembly in mind. The Instant Cabin is super quick and easy to set up despite its huge size, thanks to its pre-assembled poles that allows you to set up camp in just a minute. Setting up camp is as simple and easy as unfolding, extending, and securing.

The tent is also designed with the weathered system which features patented welded floors as well as inverted seams, ensuring that you and your family or friends stay dry and comfortable inside if it starts to rain. Also, a vented rainfly is also included that offers an added protection from the rain as well as improving the airflow without any extra assembly.

Made for backpacking, this tent features rugged Polyguard soluble thick fabric which is lightweight but stands up to the harsh environment o the great outdoors. Being a 6-person tent, it has enough room for two queen size air beds and also features integrated storage pockets that hold your small items and keep them within your reach. When it is time to go home, this tent can be packed away securely with the expandable bag for easy packing.


  • Super easy and quick to assemble
  • Vented rainfly for good circulation and rain protection
  • Welded floors
  • Lightweight
  • Includes an expandable bag for easy packing


  • Few windows
  • Does not have a good stand room in the center


4.Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Tent

4.Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Tent The Kodiak Canvas offers an all-season, rugged tent that is well-suited for all camping occasions. The Flex-Bow is made from premium grade, Hydra Shield, 100 percent cotton duck canvas. Its silicone finish and tight weave make it so watertight, but breathable, so you and your family or friends can comfortably sleep even during the warmer season.

Meanwhile, the tent’s frame features tempered spring steel rods which keep the tent standing firmly with the robust 1-inch steel tube poles that can hold up against fierce winds. The floor, on the other hand, is heavy duty and seamless and even resistant to puncture with vinyl fabric to keep the water out and keep all of you inside dry and comfortable. The large awning provides a covered entry and shade.

It has steep walls and features a 6’6” high ceiling that provides a spacious interior with stand up and walks around comfort. Meanwhile, the large back and front doors allow for convenient access and the four windows, as well as two vents, allow enough airflow. The tent also offers a customizable gear loft as well as an organizer system that offers enough place for you to place your camping gears.


  • Spacious with high ceiling
  • Good year-round tent
  • The sturdy and reliable tent even in hard rain and strong winds
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Space for gears


  • The dry time before packing
  • Heavy
  • Pricey


5. Coleman Sundome 6-Person Tent

6. CORE 6-Person Dome Tent Set up camp in a compact and lightweight, yet spacious tent with the Coleman Sundome that can fit six people inside. Featuring durable, polyguard fabric, this tent is made to last for season after season of camping. The rugged 1000D polyethylene floor as well as welded seams and corners guard against leaky floor and provide extreme weather protection.

It features a ground vent as well as 2 windows that allow air circulation and keep you cool and comfortable inside. It is super easy to set up with snag-free and continuous pole sleeve and Instant-Clip suspension, allowing you to secure the poles in a snap and finish setting up in just 10 minutes.

Inside, you get enough room to stretch out at least 2 queen-sized air beds and features storage pockets which hold your small personal trinkets and items within your reach. Meanwhile, E-port makes it easy for you to bring electrical power inside the tent. Door awning helps in keeping the rain out while included rainfly provides extra weather protection.

When it is finally time to go home, the tent is super easy to pack up as it is super easy to assemble and comes with an expandable carrying bag for your convenience.


  • Floor vent for additional airflow
  • Screens and windows for ventilation
  • Easy to setup
  • Spacious
  • Includes a carrying bag


  • Does not come with a footprint
  • The only top half of the door is screened
  • Generic stakes


6. CORE 6-Person Dome Tent

6. CORE 6-Person Dome Tent CORE offers a reliable and high-quality camping tent that can fit 6 people comfortably. Measuring 11   inches long, 9 inches wide and with a center height of 72 inches, you are getting at least 99 square feet of floor space with this amazing tent. Despite that, it only weighs around 16 pounds, making it super lightweight and suitable for hiking and backpacking.

The dome tent features Core H2O Block Technology, a water repellent fabric with active bead technology for faster water runoff. This tech combined with the rain-resistant window and door seals as well as sealed seams will ensure that you and your family or friends are kept dry and comfortable inside even with hard rainfall.

The tent also included a rainfly for shade and extra protection against the rain and can be removed during the warmer season to expose a panoramic view with the mesh windows and ceiling. Meanwhile. The advanced venting system makes use of adjustable air intake vent which is designed to draw in cool air from the ground while the mesh ceiling lets he hot air escape, keeping you and your family comfortable and relaxed.

Also, this dome tent also features zippered panels on the windows and doors that gives you privacy and keeps your camping gear organized, thanks to the gear loft with lantern hook as well as organizer pockets.


  • Advanced venting system
  • Included gear loft with lantern hook
  • Removable rainfly
  • Core H2O Block Technology
  • Lightweight


  • Rainfly does not go low enough, leaving an opening where wind can easily blow through
  • Does not provide much privacy
  • Good breathability means that it is not suitable during the winter season


7. Slumberjack 6-Person Trail Tent

7. Slumberjack 6-Person Trail Tent In the 6-person size, the Slumberjack Trail Tent offers you with 2 vestibules which you can use in order to store your other gears. Thanks to that, you have more sleeping space inside the tent. In addition, the tent uses a ridge pole geometry design which also maximizes the interior width, giving you more and your family or friends more space inside to have a comfortable sleep.

In terms of storage options, this tent also provides some internal storage pockets. To keep everything dry and clean, it includes a full-coverage rainfly which also holds well during windy weather. And even though the bottom of the footprint may feel wet after a heavy rain, you are ensured that moisture will not seep through so that you and your family remain dry and comfortable inside.

Despite the spacious size, this tent is not heavy. It is also relatively easy to set up thanks to the color-coded clip construction that helps in speeding up the process.


  • Easy to setup with color-coded clip and side release buckle
  • Ridge pole geometry for maximum interior space
  • Sturdy fiberglass poles
  • Full coverage rainfly
  • Internal storage
  • Offers 2 vestibules


  • Fiberglas poles are flimsy
  • Can do better with air circulation


8. Eureka! Copper Canyon 6 Person Tent

8. Eureka! Copper Canyon 6Person Tent Relax and enjoy a cabin-like experience in the great outdoors with the Eureka! Copper Canyon Tent. This cabin-style, 9-pole tent boasts a sturdy, fiberglass frame, complete with pole sleeves, clips, and a pin. Ring assembly which takes out all the guesswork of setup.

Featuring steep vertical walls, you have maximum floor space for sleeping bags and cots with the bathtub floor wrapping the tent sides keeping you and your family dry and warm inside. It also features a Zippered E-Power port that allows you to bring outside electric cable into the tent to charge devices, power light and more.

Meanwhile, the high-stash pockets as well as a convenient overhead gear loft allows you to keep all your essentials camping gears off the ground but still within your reach. 


  • Cabin-style tent
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Convenient Overhead storage
  • Steep vertical walls to maximize floor space


  • Rainfly design could be better
  • Flimsy stakes


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big should a 6-person tent be?

A: If you are just going to sleep and do not need lots of space for your gears, then a tent with 80 – 90 square feet size is enough. However, if you require a living space, then you need to look for sizes of 100 square feet and more.

Q: Can I cram the max number of people into the tent?

A: No. That is if you want to sleep comfortably.

The max numbers that manufacturers advertise are just— well, advertising. They calculate these numbers based on the users sleeping packed in like sardines.

In order to be comfortable, it is best that you consider who you are sleeping with you in the tent. Also, you might want to think about how you sleep— will you use sleeping pads, sleeping bags or cots?

Q: Are these tents good for hiking?

A: No. These tents are heavy and massive. They’re meant for family camping when you are taking a truck or a car to the campground. However, they are much too bulky to be recommended for backpacking and hiking.

Although you can still spread the weight by having others carry some items, it can still be uncomfortable when hiking.

Q: How can I waterproof my tent?

A: You don’t. You can start by getting a tent which is already waterproof. If it is not, then nothing you can do will make it become waterproof.

However, tents begin to lose their waterproofness over time. So here are some things you can do:

  • Use a spray-on DWR coating to restore waterproofness to the body.
  • Use nylon patches with silicone seam sealer to patch holes and tears.
  • Use silicone seam sealer to patch seams.

So, how do you choose the best 6 person camping tent?

Important Factor To Consider

The Space You Need

Just because the tent is said to fit 6 person does not necessarily mean that it can exactly fit 6 adults, comfortably. You need to check just how much interior space you need, both center height and the width. This will let you know if the tent can fit 2 queen air mattresses, several sleeping bags or a queen and some twin beds.

From there, you need to look who you are bringing along. 2 adults and a few kids fit differently than several adults and 2 kids.

6 person camping tent weight

The importance of tent weight depends on whether you are car camping or going backpacking.

If you are car camping, then you can afford getting a heavy beast since you will not have to carry it afar. However, if you are backpacking, then a low weight is significant.

And even if you share the weight of the gear with your family or friends, carrying different parts of the tent, you still want the pack to be as light as possible.

Camping Tent Materials

With tent material, you have 2 choices— polyester or nylon.

Nylon is highly resistant to abrasion and quite durable. It is inherently windproof and waterproof but still needs to be properly treated in order to be fully waterproof.

Polyester, on the other hand, is a bit cheaper and lightweight. Although it is not as strong as nylon, this is still a great choice for tents.

Camping Tent Assembly Process

The best 6-person tent should not take exactly 6 people in order to set it up. And this is particularly important if you are backpacking and will be putting it up and taking it down on a daily basis.

At the end of a fun, tiring day, you would want to be able to eat a big meal, have a nice campfire and put your feet up for a while. However, if your tent takes forever to set up, then you are wasting valuable time and no one will get the rest they need.

Find tents with color-coded markings which help in quickening the assembly. Plus, there are instant tents available at this size, which allows a person or two should be able to get these tents up in just a few minutes.

Multi-Season or One Season?

There are some tents that are better used in particular conditions than others. Are you planning on camping during the winter season? Well, you need to look for a tent which offers god insulation, keeping you warm even on the iciest or snowiest nights.

Want to camp during the warmer season? Windows and vents are essential. The right tent should be able to force hot air out while efficiently circulating cooler air.

Now, there are some tents that are made for year-round, multi-season use. By getting one of those tents, you can open yourself up to being able to camp anywhere at any given time. Take note, however, that these tents can be more expensive than others.

Camping Tent Weatherproofing

The great outdoors can be quite unpredictable. One minute, there’s the sun, the next you’ll find yourself soaked in rain.

So, having a tent with weatherproofing factors is crucial. You don’t want to find yourself and your group suffering in an unexpected heavy wind or rainfall.

First off, you need to look at the rain fly. Most tents feature a double-wall construction with the breathable inner wall and the outer wall being a waterproof rainfly. Also look for things such as bathtub floor, high denier fabric, and taped seams that prevent leaking.

In addition, you need to check out the poles. They are usually made from aluminum or fiberglass. Regardless, they need to be sturdy and reliable enough to fight off strong winds. And if the poles included are not enough, you can always upgrade to something sturdier.


Footprints work as an extra layer which protects the tent’s floor. It is positioned under the tent to prevent the wear and tear of the tent.

If you are camping near a lake or on desert sands, the bottom of the tent is likely to experience wear and tear and rustling. However, with footprints, it should protect the base of the tent and extend the lifespan.


Camping and experiencing the great outdoors should be amazing, fun, and relaxing for the whole family— so much fun that you all want to do it again and again. However, this means nothing without a reliable and appropriate tent that can accommodate your whole family.

So, make sure that you and your family or camping buddies will have the most enjoyable outdoor experience with a reliable and spacious 6-person camping tent from the above list.

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