Best 10 Person Tents [2019]

Larger tent is necessary to accommodate most numbered household. We’ll show you the best 10-person tents reviews together with their pros and cons. You can pick one for your next camping getaway with the family.

Top 5 Camping Tents for 10 people

#1 CORE Straight Wall Cabin Tent

#1 CORE Straight Wall Cabin Tent It is a cabin-style tent with a capacity of 10 to 12 persons. You stand tall and move freely inside the tent because of its straight wall design. You can improvise it into a two-room tent by the use of the included dividers.

The tent is made out of durable 68D polyester fabric which can resist water. There are adjustable ground vents that draw in the cool air as the large ceiling mesh pushes out hot air. The overall design has used Core H20 block technology with front D-style door.

An electrical access port is built to run power inside the tent. It can be closed when not in use. There’s a gear loft inside the tent for storage purposes without affecting the tent floor space. Packing up the tent into an expandable carry bag is so easy.


  • More organized gears
  • Waterproof-built
  • Cross-ventilation feature


  • Heavyweight
  • Difficult to setup


#2 Coleman Weathermaster Dome Tent

#2 Coleman Weathermaster Dome Tent Coleman Weathermaster Dome Tent easily accommodates four queen-sized airbeds. Each family member will surely not face any discomfort with this large tent for ten. Not only humans are well-kept but also all the other brought items or stuff.

It uses up WeatherTec System on its overall weatherproof construction. That includes weather-resistant seams and zipper design, wind-strong frame, and welding-inspired technology for the floor. A hinged door is built for easy getting in and out.

During rainy days, you can keep the angled windows open to allow extra airflow for cooler feeling. You can keep small things on the sidewalls’ mesh pockets for easy access.


  • Provides great comfort
  • Easy to setup
  • Budget-friendly


  • Issues on its waterproof feature


#3 NTK Arizona GT Premium Line Large Tent

#3 NTK Arizona GT Premium Line Large Tent The overall tent design is made of 50% mesh with full-cover rainfly for protection against all conditions. Its floor design is composed of anti-fungal polyethylene material and also waterproof.

Fiberglass rods are used to sustain the sturdiness of its frame against all the odds. Putting up the tent only takes a few minutes with the help of an aluminum pin and ring system thus you can spend more time with your family.

The tent becomes visible at night through the battery-powered LED light. This makes Arizona GT unique from the other tents. Keep the tent in a zipped stuff bag with ID label to make it more personal.


  • Occupies smaller space yet offers sufficient room for 10
  • Weatherproof
  • Quick to setup


  • Expensive
  • No installation instructions


#4 Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent

#4 Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent Bringing a tent during campouts might be crucial as most tents are heavyweight and not able for backpacking. Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent provides more space yet weighs lesser than the other tents.

The material used is nylon with shock-corded fiberglass frame that ends up with a durable tent. It is through the pin-and-ring system in which the tent is easily set up within minutes. Mesh roofing and zip-open windows allow excellent airflow as a removable rainfly covers up the interior from rainfall.

You can easily enter in and out of the tent via its two back-to-back D-style doors. You can split the tent into two rooms through a room divider to enhance personal privacy.


  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Four corner pockets
  • Easy to put up


  • Problems on the zipper


#5 Tahoe Gear Olympia Family Camping Tent

#5 Tahoe Gear Olympia Family Camping Tent No matter how tall the campers are, Tahoe Gear Olympia Family Camping Tent is ready to accommodate. It is built large and spacious to contain up to 10 persons. You can quickly bring the unassembled tent through a durable carrying bag. Then, follow the provided assembly instruction to set up the tent quickly. The shock-corded poles and pin-and-ring system makes the tent stand still fast.

It can stand on both warm and cool weather due to the used weather-resistant fabrics. There’s a power cord access near the tent’s door.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to setup
  • No leak issue


  • Very small carrying bag



We have collected five frequently asked questions you might be asking too at this moment. It includes:

  • What are the key features a tent must-have?

First is a reasonable price then, comes the tent’s structure, assembly, and portability. Consider your place if it can accommodate a large tent. Easy to set tents are a good deal as well as portable tents. Other features such as proper ventilation and storages are a great plus in every purchase.

  • Do I need another person to set up a 10-person tent?

Though it’s easy to set up, you still need someone to help you out. Two persons are enough to set up the tent quickly.

  • What is the price range of a 10-person tent?

It depends upon the type of tent you’ll buy. The lowest possible price range is $130 while the most expensive tent will cost more than $5000.

  • Which is better, nylon or canvas-made tent?

When it comes to weight, nylon is a lot lighter than canvas material. The latter also absorbs water, which makes it even heavier, which isn’t suitable during packing up. And so, nylon-made tents are better than canvas-made.

  • Can I stand inside a 10-person tent?

You can look for a cabin tent if you want to experience standing inside a tent without bumping your head on the ceiling.

Top Pick

We choose the NTK Arizona GT Premium Line Large Tent as the best buy 10-person tent. First of all, not all camping tents do have LED lighting except for Arizona GT tent. It is undeniably expensive, but its overall construction is more than the price. Anyone can quickly set up this weatherproof and highly-ventilated family tent.

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